HD Live Cams

Showcase your business, attraction or venue live to the world

HD Live Cam Features

3xScreen’s HD Live Cams are:

  • Live
  • Viewable to anyone with an internet connection
  • Interactive (controllable by the user)
  • HD (High Definition) picture quality
  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones
  • Integrated with social media sharing

What’s Included

Your turn-key HD Live Cam service includes everything you need.

HD Live Cam FeaturesGetting your business, venue or event equipped with 3xScreen’s HD Live Cams couldn’t be simpler because we provide a turn-key service that includes everything you need.

  • Camera rental
  • Camera mounting. Our mounting kits accommodate indoor or outdoor installation as well as waterproof and dustproof enclosures as needed
  • Configuration of all streaming, CDN content delivery and time-lapse photography for each camera
  • Integration of the camera and control widget into your site’s webpage
  • All CDN streaming charges
  • On-going support including technical support and replacement of faulty cameras
  • Provision of web-based controls for each camera so camera views can be controlled by the client
  • Configuration and management of time-lapse photography from each camera and the provision of time-lapse images on an FTP server
  • Monthly reporting of viewer analytics

Technical Details

Your HD Live Cam service integrates the latest, most technically advanced components available.

HD Live Cam Features

  • HDTV-quality video and 18x optical zoom
  • Remotely joystick-steerable pan, tilt and zoom
  • Equipped with “Tour” capabilities so the camera will zoom, pan and tilt to a series of defined areas of interest
  • Steering of the cameras by viewer-controlled Flash widgets on viewing websites
  • The compilation of HD time-lapse photographs via FTP
  • Flash streams to broadband-connected PCs
  • Non-Flash streams for integration into iPhone Apps and for large screen viewing
  • Tracking of analytics including number of viewers, total viewer hours, average viewing time per visitor, and geographic viewer statistics


HD Live Cams are a smart choice for a variety of businesses and venues.


Smart travelers do plenty of research before their trip begins. When tourists can get a feel for their destination before leaving home, they’ll be much more comfortable when they arrive in person.


Whether it’s the largest shopping mall in the world, a kiosk on the corner of a city street, or a quaint downtown shopping district, your customers will be more apt to find you if they have the convenience of visiting you first from the comfort of their own homes.


Diners often choose restaurants based on atmosphere and ambience as much as the food that’s offered. With live webcams your customers will be attracted to the “feel” of your restaurant as much as to what your menu has to offer.


Whether it’s to let your investors or future customers stay updated on the progress of your project, or to save on the expense of trips to inspect a jobsite, construction webcams which include time-lapse photography are a great way to keep everyone informed, generate public interest, save time and money, as well as help keep the planet green by reducing travel.

Festivals and EventsFESTIVALS & EVENTS

There’s nothing like the party atmosphere of a large festival. By sharing that vibrancy and energy via live webcams you create interest well beyond your local venue. People all over the world will experience your event and think, “I wish I was there.”

Bars & ClubsBARS & CLUBS

Is the bar crowded tonight? Quiet or loud? Are there a lot of women? Are the guys wearing suits and ties or jeans and t-shirts? Everyone wants something a little different from their night scene. Give your customers a live, interactive view of what you have to offer and when they arrive they’ll find what they expect and be ready to have a good time.


Nothing can rival being at a live sporting event — getting up on your feet in the stands and bumping elbows with other excited fans — but the live webcam experience is a close second. Give your fans a real-world taste of what it’s like to be in the stands and next time they’ll be there in person.


Live webcams in the corporate environment can give your customers a taste of the scope of your manufacturing, can connect your HQ foyer with other offices around the world, can bring remote teams virtually together… Whether its private or public streaming, streaming to computers or to large flatscreen TVs, corporate live webcams connect corporations.

Getting Started

Get your business, venue, or event set up with HD Live Cams quick and easily.

Once you’ve decided to equip your business, attraction or event with 3xScreen’s HD Live Cams and begin giving your customers a real-life experience of your venue a few simple steps will have to be taken. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through them. We will…

  • Determine camera location and best method of installation
  • Confirm the best way of providing connectivity for the camera – Ethernet, WiFi or Mobile Broadband
  • Determine the best means of powering the camera – which can be via its Ethernet connection

  • Test the uplink bandwidth that is available for streaming — approximately 800kbps is required
  • Update the local network router to allow the camera to stream out of the network and be remotely controlled
  • Install the camera and configure the local router as described above


3xScreen’s HD Live Cams are an affordable means of showcasing your business.

The cost of your HD Live Cam solution will depend on the particulars of the installation and the ongoing contract, but in general will include a one-time set-up fee and ongoing monthly fees.

  • The supply and mounting of cameras
  • Configuration of the local network to enable HD Live Cam streaming
  • Configuration of all streaming, CDN content delivery and time-lapse photography for each HD Live Cam
  • Configuration of camera monitoring and web-based controls and the integration of the HD Live Cams into your site’s webpage

  • Monthly HD camera rental
  • 24/7 automated service monitoring and support, including replacement of faulty cameras
  • All live streaming CDN charges
  • Compilation of time-lapse photographs
  • Monthly analytics reporting

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